Samuel C. Hunter, Jr. Commemorative Lapel Pin


For the small fee of $15 (shipping & handling included), you can purchase a commemorative lapel pin to help honor this great man and Mason. Wear it proudly on all of your garments. May GOD bless you and yours now and forever!

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The design of the pin highlights his military involvement, with a photo of him in uniform on the inset of the pin; being assigned to the “616th  Bombardment Squad, 477th  Bombardment Group, at Godman Field, KY, in December of 1944”. The “Purple Ring” around the inset of the pin recognizes one of the colors of the fraternity he was a member of; “Omega Psi Phi”. And the raised words around the perimeter of the pin honors his involvement with masonry, as he was a “Deputy of CO/UT/WY of the United Supreme Council Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Prince Hall Affiliated, Northern Jurisdiction, USA incorporated”. It also has the name of the class of Grand Inspector Generals of the Thirty-third degree, that were named after him; “Samuel C. Hunter Jr. Class of 2014”. Finally, the pin is securely held in place by not one, but “two butterfly clutches” on the back of the pin.

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